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31 May 2015 @ 10:23 pm
Hello, hello! Yeoltide is about to officially begin!

As determined by poll results, this exchange will simply post around the winter holidays, rather than being winter themed. This is not to say you can't submit holiday prompts - go ahead! They simply won't be the whole of the exchange.


Minimum word count: 2.5k
All submissions must exist in and of themselves and can not be a part or continuation of a preexisting work.
The anonymity is part of what makes exchanges fun, so please keep yourself secret until the official reveals!
Entries must contain Chanyeol as a member of the main pairing (or the center of the story). For at least this first round, crossovers will not be allowed.


Without further ado, please copy and paste the form below into the comments and fill in your information! Comments are screened, so don't worry about anyone other than the mods or yourself seeing them!

If you wish simply to present yourself as a pinch hitter, and not as a part of the general exchange, please just submit the form below!

Sign-ups are open and will remain so until August 15. This is a nice long time, so you can be sure to have your prompts just right! We look forward to getting to know you in the coming months!
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15 January 2015 @ 11:05 am
While there is, of course, already a Chanyeol-centric fic exchange (thanks yeolliepopday!), we hope to have a few elements of this exchange that set us apart, both from yeolliepopday and from other exchanges in general!

The first and most important element of this exchange is its correlation to the holidays - that's why it's called Yeoltide! Although current poll results are trending towards simply posting fics in the days leading up to Christmas, your vote could help determine whether the fics featured in this exchange also have a holday theme to them! Christmas or holiday fics seem to be popular with the fandom, but there is not an exchange for them yet, and we hope to be able to provide! We hope to have at least 25 participants - enough to post every day leading up to Christmas.

We also hope to have a small fest-type section to this exchange, featuring prompts unattached to a specific recipient. Therefore, if you wish to participate in this exchange but be free from the pressure of pleasing a recipient, there will be an opporunity for you!  We will likely set up a post for this later with screened comments, so that any prompts you share will be anonymous, but you can also feel free to send them to us on twitter or shoot us an email (yeoltide@gmail.com)!

Let us know what you think of these small changes! We're really excited about them, but we want to please you as well. Have any other suggestions? Leave your input in the comments; we're excited to hear from you!
27 December 2014 @ 02:39 pm
Welcome to Yeoltide, a new fic exchange for EXO's Chanyeol, where the only rule is that all fics must star our favorite happy virus, Park Chanyeol!

We'll be posting just in time for the 2015 winter holiday season - it's a gift from us and our authors, to you!  At the moment this is just an exchange taking place around the holidays, rather than featuring holiday themed fics, but depending on interest this could change. What do you think?

This poll is closed.

Should this exchange feature holiday-themed fics, or simply post around the holidays?

Holiday-themed fics!
Just post around the holidays.

More information will be forthcoming over the next few months, so stay tuned! In upcoming posts we'll talk a bit more about the specifics of this exchange joining, and what we'd like from you. Stick with us!  If you have any immediate questions or just want to get in touch, you can reach us by email at yeoltide@gmail.com, or at our twitter.

We hope to see you soon!